Case Study: CTI Living, Planters for Young Women
With each coming season comes the need for new life to enter your homespace.
Creating a design for planters requires translating the natural atmosphere the plants themselves provide into an almost-tangible visual channel.
CTI Living tasked me with creating a design that would appeal to a target demographic of women from ages 18-35. My challenge lay in being able to identify and connect with the core essence of planters, and what each shape and design truly conveyed.
The initial brainstorming and research phase yielded a few results in the direction I wanted to move towards, namely the base that the design will be built out of.
The Sketch
The initial sketch was created from a few key points that came from the previous research phase;
• Geometric designs denoting movement and growth.
• Modern and sleek look guarantees the containers will compliment decor of other styles.

The Draft
Following the sketch was time to breathe life into the design by adding a key component to any design; color.
Using the sketch as a basis for the look and feel of the design, I made a few decisions in order to convey the atmosphere of the planter that I envisioned that followed a few key notes:
• Rather than use a color scheme to add another element to a planter's atmosphere, I decided to take the positive mood that a planter provides, and amplify it using bright, popping colors that will liven up any space it occupies.
• While bright colors can certainly lift the spirits of an area in your home, some colors might clash with the decor already present in the homespace. Using that as a baseline, I decided to use complimentary colors that increase the range of what matches with it, in order to really fit into a wide range of homespaces.
The Design
Finishing up the draft, it was time to see what the design would look like on an actual planter. 
One of the advantages I had with the design I had created was the flexibility with the color choices. With a small range of the base, with the 2 color pattern, it provides an added choice of customizability, as well as remaining cost-efficient in terms of production.
Finally, adding an alternate design is key in terms of reaching the target objective. I created a similar design that incorporates all of the key points I set for this particular assignment.
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