Case Study: Eglinton Hill BIA Rebrand
Initial Logo
Eglinton Hill, under a grant funded by the City of Toronto, had approached Dastronaut with the project, in which I was the Lead Designer for.
Eglinton Hill had an issue with consistency, utilizing multiple logos, each vastly different from the other. Our aim with the project was to not only provide a new logo for the sake of a new look, but also deliver a coherent brand across all material used by the Eglinton Hill BIA.
Rebranded Logo
With Eglinton Hill BIA being home to a diversity of cultures, the BIA wanted to represent the diversity within the logo, which was done using a myriad of colors to foster a sense of inclusion and diversity, all while keeping an element of the hill that the neighbourhood is known for.
Alternative colors that may present a higher visual clarity include red as the primary color that the neighbourhood has run with in previous iterations of branding, with an interchangeable white/black scheme for the main text
Reach Solutions Branding Guide

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